Air Cushion Finish are Berliners jayrope & Lippstueck

creating something like soundtracks for films, that never got filmed.
Eventually soothing or absurd, and often with guest musicians. Listen…


Puff Pastry, is the latest out on Bandcamp (Nov. 2014). This private, partly madcap music is rougher, dryer and more direct, than ACF’s typical multiple style ambient mix. Supporters of the Canada recordings received it for free. And ACF are looking for a label for the Montreal recordings from June 2014.

The 12” vinyl & CD Spree is the predecessor to Puff Pastry, released on Hafenschlamm Rekords/Cargo in May 2014. You can “buy straight from Hafenschlamm Rekords or at live concerts. Berliners may obtain copies at OYE or Zabriskie.

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